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A woman leaving a yoga studio with a nutrition shake in her hand
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a person wearing a white t-shirt and gray sweatpants with lower abdominal pain when lying down in the fetal position in bed
5 Causes of Stomach Pain When Lying Down and How to Treat It
illustration showing 30-day gut-health reset logo on gray background
The 30-Day Gut-Health Reset Will Improve Your Health From the Inside Out
woman working at her desk and holding a tissue to stop her nosebleed
5 Things That Cause Frequent Nosebleeds and How to Stop Them
a close up of a person holding a handful of peanuts experiencing digestive issues
4 Reasons Peanuts Can Cause Digestive Problems
collage of some of the best gifts for people with cancer
13 of the Best Gifts for People With Cancer
Illustration of a person thinking about the toilet while working, to represent holding in your poop
How Bad Is It Really to Push Back Your Bathroom Trip?
View of the legs of a woman sitting on the toilet to pee
9 Mistakes You Make When You Pee That Are Bad for Your Pelvic Health
Reflection of person washing face with foam in bathroom
8 Skin-Cleansing Habits Derms Want You to Stop Doing
An illustration of a person holding up a dental floss pick as opposed to regular floss, against a bright pink background.
How Bad Is It Really to Use Floss Picks Instead of Regular Floss?
Person in white bathrobe holding sesame oil in a bottle to oil pull for healthier teeth
What Really Happens to Your Body When You Oil Pull
Person in a pink tank top and leggings sitting cross-legged in their living room, meditating to help lower blood pressure.
5 Things to Do Every Morning for Lower Blood Pressure
Person with long brown hair in a white sweater spending time at a coffee shop with friends, to help them deal with the symptoms of antidepressant withdrawal.
What Really Happens to Your Body When You Stop Taking Antidepressants
a smiling person wearing a button-down flannel shirt speaks to a young doctor wearing a white lab coat and stethoscope in a sunny office about the health benefits of breast reduction surgery
6 Medical Reasons to Consider Breast Reduction Surgery
Mediterranean diet meal plan with fresh delicious salmon and vegetables
Ready to Adopt a Mediterranean Diet? Start With This 7-Day Meal Plan
Avocado toast with eggs and roasted tomatoes, as an example of the best breakfast for sleep
The One Breakfast Sleep Experts Want You to Eat More Often
Person with blue glasses and short haircut painting on a canvas to help keep their brain sharp in their 50s.
6 Health Goals to Set This Year if You're Over 50

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